Breadcrumb 2.1

Breadcrumb 2.1

This plugin offer a complete solution to add a breadcrumb trail navigation to your application.

Benefits of using this plugin:

  • Automatically create a breadcrumb trail navigation based on your controller/action.
  • Manually build your breadcrumb trail navigation by passing an array of struct in your controller's action.
  • Exclude certain words from your breadcrumb trail navigation by creating a "black list".
  • Customize the hierarchy separator and styles of the breadcrumb trail navigation.
  • The plugin can also set the title of your HTML page based on the breadcrumb trail. You can also set the page title manually if needs be.
  • Can be use in conjunction with the Localizator plugin, to add localization (translation) capabilities.

Plugin usage

Important   All the plugin settings should be place in config/settings.cfm files.
Page title Default: true
To activate/deactivate the page title creation.
  • set(contentForPageTitle=boolean)
Page title prefix Default: cgi.remote_addr
Text prefix to be added to the page title.
  • set(pageTitlePrefix="string")
Localization Default: false
To use the plugin in conjunction with the Localizator plugin.
  • set(breadcrumbIsLocalized=boolean)


Add the includeContent() function in the <title> </title> tag of your main layout.cfm file.


Automatic usage

The page title is generated from the createBreadcrumbAndTitle() function. If you've set contentForPageTitle() to TRUE, the createBreadcrumbAndTitle() function will automatically create the page title for you.

Manual usage

You can set the page title manually by passing a string in the breadcrumbSetPageTitle() function in your controller's action.

public function index() {

Info Using the breadcrumbSetPageTitle() function will bypass the contentForPageTitle() check and the pageTitlePrefix() settings.

As of Breadcrumb 2.1 - setBreadcrumbPageTitle function is now deprecated.
Version 2.1
Agust 11, 2014
  • Compatible with Wheels 1.3
  • Remove Lobot plugin support
  • Function setBreadcrumbPageTitle is deprecated
  • New breadcrumbSetPageTitle function
Version 2.0.1
October 9, 2013
Version 2.0
October 4, 2013
  • Plugin re-written from scratch
  • Remove "Hyphen separator" option
  • Bug fixes
Version 1.0.1
January 25, 2013
  • Addition of breadcrumbPrefixClass() setting
  • Addition of breadcrumbHideKey() setting
  • Update docs
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 1.0
January 24, 2013
  • First release
Simon Allard
Plugin name
Plugin version
Wheels compatibility
1.1.8, 1.3
First release date
January 2013
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Breadcrumb is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Info   The breadcrumb plugin will render a breadcrumb trail navigation in the same format as the Bootstrap breadcrumb component
Warnings: The breadcrumb plugin may be incompatible with this version of Wheels, please look for a compatible version of the plugin
The coldroute plugin may be incompatible with this version of Wheels, please look for a compatible version of the plugin
The JsonProperties plugin may be incompatible with this version of Wheels, please look for a compatible version of the plugin
Application: econompanel [Run Tests, View Tests]
Framework: CFWheels 1.4.6
Active Environment: Design
Host Name:
CFML Engine: Railo
Default Data Source: Econompanel
Database Adapter: MySQL
URL Rewriting: On
URL Obfuscation: Off
Plugins: breadcrumb
Route: Root
Controller: Wheels
Action: Wheels
Parameters: view = plugins
name = breadcrumb
Execution Time: 29ms (requeststart ~25ms, setup ~1ms, beforefilters ~1ms)
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